What is the boot camp and what are its benefits?

The Boot Camp is a discipline inspired by military training that is increasingly widespread in Spanish gyms and sports halls. Tractor rods, ropes, and wheels are used to increase the intensity of a discipline that promises visible results in the short term. It is a star practice for gyms that include it in their schedules. And it is that the classes of fitness boot camp are filled and have that unknown factor that hooks those who try it. It has very broad physical benefits since it works both at the strength and cardiovascular levels. The intensity of the exercise can be varied, which makes the Boot Camp a military discipline for all audiences. While it is true that anyone can try, it is a high-intensity exercise for which certain sports skills and abilities are advised.
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A session of fitness boot camp is always a group and begins with rigorous and mandatory heating to avoid any type of injury. When it comes to exercises where there are great wear and a very high level of impact, it is important that in the 10-15 minutes before the session is a pre-heating of both muscles and joints and tendons.

Exercises and rhythm: The exercises that are practiced during a session are very varied and are performed either individually or by groups or couples. They are always basic and simple movements, but very effective and that give very short-term results. Squats, Strides, Jumps, Push-Ups, etc. can be highlighted in a boot camp.

One of the best-known exercises in the Boot Camp is the so-called “Dirty” or “Soldier” in which a vertical jump is combined with a horizontal one and a flex. In this case, you work on almost all the muscles of the body and allows to increase strength, gaining resistance and improving oxygen levels in the body. On the other hand, the group exercises are considered as games with a high competitive component such as, for example, carrying a partner on the back and walking for 200 meters.

Depending on whether a session has a more cardiovascular or strength component, the rhythm of the exercises usually varies. When the goal is to perform a great cardiovascular activity, movements and execution will always be faster, while if you seek to gain strength, the pace will be slower.

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Benefits of Boot Camp:

When a person practices fitness boot camp continuously can get important results in a short time. Anyone will notice important changes from the fourth or fifth week. Among the results that can be obtained include the following:

  • Lose weight quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Significantly improve the coordination of movements.
  • Increase flexibility and strength.
  • Increase physical resistance and effort capacity.
  • Improvement of self-esteem and an increase in self-confidence.
  • Release tensions and stress.
  • Increase muscle volume.
  • A greater spirit of overcoming from the training based on military discipline.

Practitioner profile: Boot Camp training is indicated for anyone as long as they do not suffer from a chronic injury that prevents them from doing it. However, it is recommended to start at an elementary and basic level and to evolve. Another recommendation is to alternate sessions with a more cardiovascular component with other more focused on working strength and different muscle groups to avoid excessive wear.